Shipping & Delivery

With this service, the shipping and delivery is sent to the customer by email, to email address the customer provides during our checkout process.

This is also the main way we will communicate with customers about their order, by email and the email address they provide.

If a customer has any questions about their order, they are to email us at, we will endevour to reply within 1 working day (weekends not included). If a customer emails us about an order from a different email address than they provided at checkout, we will ask for the original email address used or their order number, so we can find their order details and give an update.

How long it takes to deliver the unlock code by email depends on factors such as device make, model, network locked to and how busy said network are with unlocks at the moment of purchase. The live estimated time to deliver the particular unlock a customer buys will be displayed to them before purchase. The average time frame for unlocks to be delivered by email with are 0-3 business days (not including weekends) .